August 10, 2023

8th Annual Art With Mr. E Summer Workshop

My summer was CRAZY busy (Drove to PA twice & KY once!), and I let my blogging slip.  I'm going to try to catch up on a few things that happened over the summer, and then will hopefully be more consistant this school year!  I still like blogging because you can share more & catalog things more than other short form social media (In my opinion!). 

This felt like a more "normal" year.  We had a bunch of returning teachers. Some local...and some from other states(Ohio & KY).  What a great group of art educators.  The whole reason I started my workshop was to help resource/encourage art teachers that are in smaller districts that don't always provided dedicated art inservice/professional development opportunities. I'm happy to continue this summer opportunity as long as it is needed.  That being are the pictures from the Art With Mr. E Summer Workshop at Cumberland University 2023! 

(I'm going to do a seperate post about our "field trip"! We had so much fun!)

Every morning we provided breakfast!

The supply table was full of more ideas/projects than we could get to during our three days! 

Here are the collections of projects completed during our three days.

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