March 10, 2023

3rd & 5th Grade Weaving Projects

We are wrapping up weaving in 3rd & 5th grade.  3rd grade is doing circle weaving (one of my favorite projects of the year!).  5th grade is doing a tree weaving (which is a basic back & forth AB pattern, but done on a warp in a wedge shape).   

When finishing circle weavings, I have my students create a pattern/design on the white surface of their loom, and color it using markers that match their yarn colors.  

For the tree weavings, I had my 5th graders add beads for fruit(added as they were weaving..limit 10 beads), and then use tempera paint sticks to do a simple landscape background.  

There are many ways to do these projects.  These are the ways I do them, but there are wonderful variations you might want to investigate to see what is the best fit for your school/students. 

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