December 16, 2022

Annual Faculty & Staff Snow People

Every year I provide an opportunity for the faculty/staff to create a snow person, snow globe, or snowball to put on display.  It is a wildly popular tradition that comes with a bit of lore.  The year I began this...we had a snowstorm, and were out of school for ten days.  The teachers believed the snow people brought the snow. So every year we continue on the traditions in hope that we get our max snow days! ha ha This year had AMAZING participation. We also had several teachers working together to make their snow people.  I loved the grade level that did Encanto!  SO. MUCH. FUN! 

For those wanting to do this project at your school in January...GO FOR IT!  I pre-make the snow people forms, and place them next to our faculty/staff mailboxes.  By doing helps remove some intimidation for those who don't consider themselves creative & lets me control the size of the display (for the most part!?!?).   


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