January 09, 2022

Sunday Devotional With Mr. E: Don't Muddy Things Up!

Art can be messy at times, but some of the messes are not so desirable.   I remember professors telling me I was overworking the surface of my art and muddying it up.  This was not my intent, but my choices(poor choices) led to this unfortunate outcome.   It often occurs when one adds too much, too many ideas, too many colors, too many brush strokes, and creates a "muddy" area in their work.  It comes from rushing. It comes from lack of vision for the end product. It comes from inexperience. It comes from not knowing when to stop. It comes from being stressed. It comes from being tired.  No one intends to make their work appear muddy, but it happens. Though most artists will move beyond these mistakes as they grow/mature in their work, there are a number of factors that can cause one to still muddy things up from time to time. 

I wait for the Lord, my whole being waits, and in his word I put my hope.

Psalm 130:5

 Does your life feel "muddy"?   Are things in your world unclear?  Outside circumstances can play a huge part in the struggles we experience, but more often than not we find ourselves at the center of our issues. We try to fix things.  We try to make things happen before their time.  We can't seem to stop ourselves from doing this, that, and the other to make our plans come to fruition.  Our inability to wait on the Lord & his timing can often be the very thing that causes the angst in our life.  We rush relationships.  We push too hard to get ahead at work.  We try to manipulate others to accomplish our goals.  

STOP!  Before you blame anyone else for things not happening in your life...or goals not being achieved.....JUST STOP!  The Psalmist tells us.... I wait on the Lord, MY WHOLE BEING WAITS, and in his word I put my hope.  There are two things in this short verse that pack a punch!  First, "MY WHOLE BEING WAITS".  I'm an anxious person.  I am a doer.  I have a hard time resting, waiting, or being still.  The idea of my whole being waiting on the Lord is a bit hard for me to comprehend.  I mean...I'll wait, but my mind might still be racing.  The Psalmist explains how their whole being waits in the next part of the verse.  IN HIS WORD I PUT MY HOPE.  When we place the truth of God's Word at the center of our life, and our hope is in that truth...we can wait with our whole being.  

When our world seems "muddy", our direction is unclear, and our hearts are confused....WAIT ON THE LORD WITH YOUR WHOLE BEING...AND PLACE YOUR HOPE IN HIS WORD!  There you will find clarity.  There you will find direction.  There you will find peace.  There you will find HOPE!

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