June 09, 2020

Art Supply Review: Dollar Tree Metallic Markers

Here is another Crafter’s Square art supply review! 
I found these metallic markers, and really wanted to see how they worked.
When I made this video I had found white, silver, and gold.  Just today I found another...copper. 

Let me test these art supplies...so you don’t have to!
(Unless they are awesome!!)


  1. Thank you for testing these. Saw them yesterday in Dollar Tree. Didn't realize this is a Dollar Tree brand, though was excited about the number of different art supplies DT has now. Bought the white pen to use on darker paper, but will go back and get more. For $1! Yes. FYI,Sharpies may SAY they are permanent, but they will fade and, as you saw, lift. For real permanency, try paint pens.

  2. Can you use them on Dry Erase Boards or Blackboards?

    1. I'll have to try on white boards... blackboard...not one you want to use again.