September 13, 2019


International Dot Day is Sept 15th "ish"....but since it falls on a Sunday this was our target day for finishing our large collaborative project. I decided we'd try to do something a little different with our project.  In the past we've done flat 2-D dot projects...which were awesome, but were very similar to the rest of the world's dot projects. I wanted to create something "different".  So using a foam structure as our base....the fun began!  Students(K-4th) each created a monochromatic "dot".  We talked about value...using pressure to create lights & darks... and we talked about patterns & designs.  That is a whole lot of info/skills in a single dot!! With the help of my amazing practicum students....we hot clued wire on the back of the dots.  I wanted to be able position the dots & have them at different lengths.  I had some students help with placing dots & determining which colors we were in need (observation & counting of dots yet to be placed)

This is in the front of our school as you walk in!!  Everyone will get to see & admire the dots!!
I love watching the kids try to find theirs!!

I'll try to get more close-ups next week!

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