January 18, 2018

!!!!!! Ugly Doll Supply Alert !!!!!!

In the fall you may have seen my posts on my 4th grade Ugly Doll project.  There are "extra" costs to such projects, but it is totally worth the investment.  However, you can find some great deals to make it very affordable.  One "trick" I use is for the stuffing.  After Christmas, I hit the stores to find the best sales on Christmas Snow.  That is the white fluff that looks & feels like quilt batting /poly-fil people use under their trees, on mantels, or other decorating for the season.

Right now Dollar General has their Christmas items on sale for $0.25. 
!!!! T  W  E  N  T  Y  - F  I  V  E -  C  E  N  T  S !!!!

I bought all the bags they had.  They aren't huge, but this will be at least 2 yrs worth!!!  I don't always find it every year..so I stock up!   


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