April 07, 2017

Story Book Forest: K-4th Art Show 2017

My shoulders, back, legs, and feet are killing me today!  I'm tired & feel like I could crawl into a cave and hibernate for awhile.  Yes, it's that time of year again...ART SHOW!!!!  A labor of love!  The annual art show is a lot of work, but it is ALWAYS worth it.  It brings such amazing perspective to what we do day in & day out...having all that work on the walls  & inviting parents, community members, and co-workers to consume, connect, and enjoy the creative problem solving beauty of art!  I'm able to talk with parents & advocate for my program at such events as well!  Here is a video of the school...and I plan to do a series of posts of each grade level & the projects they created.


  1. I know exactly how you fill! I set up an art show on Monday for Tuesday night at Saint Patrick School and yesterday I set up an art show at Saint Stephen School for this Sunday. YES, Palm Sunday, they began this about six years ago on Palm Sunday. WHY????? I do not know why!!! I am whipped too.

  2. LOL!!! I misspelled the word feel. I told you I was whipped. LOL

  3. This looks great. What did you use to adhere the art to the construction paper? I've used glue stick in the past but was trying to find something that could be removed if parents didn't want art on the construction paper

    1. I use craft glue...so it is on there for good!