December 13, 2016

Collaborative Winter Board 2016: Winter in the Smokies

Every year I do a collaborative board with K-4.  Each student makes a part of the board.  I've posted them since 2008 when I began my blog.  It is amazing how much they've changed over the years.  This year I picked the theme Winter in the Smokies.  This was before all the wild fires took I feel it is now a nice reminder to keep that community in our thoughts!!  

Here is a close up of the main board!

Because of the number of classes I see.....the board is not big enough for all the students work.  So we have a display outside my room & in another hall way!  I really does give a great winter feel to the whole school. It has become something the staff & parents really look forward to seeing each year!

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  1. This is so cheerful! I can imagine all the kids talking about it as they walk throu the hallways!!