November 14, 2016

Fall Festival Activity: Grateful Garland

I've participated in our annual Fall Festival in various roles over the years(16 yrs at this school).  I started painting faces for the first few years.  I really dislike painting faces.  Then for many years I did the "Hair Scare" booth...where I sprayed the kids hair with fun colors.  I liked it better than painting faces...but worried about the health risks of breathing in that stuff for three hours straight!?!?   So I think it was about 4 or 5 yrs ago I switched over to doing a craft/art project.  The first couple years they created individual items.  Three years ago I switched to doing collaborative projects that parents, grandparents, former students, faculty, and students could all participate in!  
This year I decided to do a "Grateful Garland".  With the "stuff" going on recently here in the good ol' USA...I thought taking a moment to focus on what we're thankful for would be a great exercise!!!  

I had people come in and write/draw things they were thankful for using Sharpies...and then tie it onto the rope I had strung in my room.  Still waiting for the faculty to come and create their's before I hang it up!!  

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