September 20, 2016

City Scapes: 1st Grade

I've been doing a city scape unit with my 1st graders. The kids really enjoyed this project a lot...getting to cut out the skylines & creating the details on the foreground!! The following week I put a twist into the project..the kids started by finishing the details & then tracing with Sharpie.  I then showed them Starry Night.  I asked the students how they could incorporated some of Van Gogh's ideas into their picture.  The brought up colors, lines, and time of day.  The end results were pretty great!  Now these are good examples....I did have a few students in every class struggle with cutting the skyline out to stretch clear across the paper(no matter what I showed them...what I said...or that I stood over top of a few and tried to help!?!?).  

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