August 26, 2016


(This is my final post from my June ART WITH MR. E WORKSHOP)

Honestly...I wish we could have had a full week together!  What an amazing group of teachers! We had so much to know each other..made some amazing art.....learned a few things...and had an awesome time doing it!!!!!

Day 3 was a lot of finishing up of projects we had started....and a whole lot of color!!!

Here are the Clay Carvings we did on the first day.  They finished them by using oil pastel & then dipping them in black paint that had been thinned.  I did the dipping so they could work on their next I need to use gloves next time! ha ha  I had black paint under my nails for a good week or so!! I loved how these turned out!! 

We also finished out plaster gauze reliefs!! WOW is about all I can say!  How many different directions could you take this project...versatile for any theme you might be doing in your class! We used acrylic paint for these.  The only struggle for younger students is filling in all those spaces that the texture from the plaster gauze creates.  I'd probably try something like this with 3rd or 4th depending on the group of students!  

I have to admit...I was a little disappointed with how washed out these were!!  I'm not sure if the paint had not had enough time to dry...the type of paint I used what not a good enough quality...I just don't know?!?! Live and learn I guess!!  

Our new project for the day was print making!!! Nasco provided awesome brayers, a flexible printing plate, paint....and more!!!  The teachers were excited to take home these goodies when they were done!!  I will say...the flexible printing plate does smell a whole lot like lemon Pledge! ha ha  

Jennifer Cole came to speak to us from the Metro Arts Commission.  SHE IS JUST AMAZING!!!!!!!!  She shared with the teachers the amazing things going on in Nashville with public art, and how they could find out more about public art in their own area!  THANKS JENNIFER..YOU ROCK!!!!!!!

I know I've left out some amazing things!!  We had such a great time...and I am going to try with all my might to make it an annual event!!!  So stay tuned in winter/spring to get the details about the 2nd Annual Art With Mr. E Workshop!

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