June 02, 2014

Preview of 2014-2015 School Year

This is my art room sign above my door made from Fun Foam.
So I like to get a few things done for "next year" (which is really less than 2 months away) at the end of  "this year"!  With our special area team all on board for doing a "global theme"...I decided blues & greens would be a great choice for my room! (I change my color theme every year...I have enough fabric so I can have 7 yrs in a row be different if I want to...warm colors..cool colors..primary..etc....and I make all my letters and borders by hand each year to match the colors...oh..and the chair footies too!)  
Last week of school every year I have my students make turtles in my room's color theme...that way I have something to hang up at the start of school.  I was just checking to make sure I had enough..I'll store them for summer way from lights.

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