October 07, 2013


I was told it would be installed when I got back to school this year...and much to my not surprise..it wasn't.  However...I think it was worth the wait!!  I have the Polyvision brand smart board...and it is the newest version.  I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I'm so excited to start using it with my classes once we get back from fall break.  I am teaching 3 days of intercession this week....and will probably try to find ways to incorporate it into those classes!!!!!!  

Should I be concerned that the box said HOT?  Maybe I shouldn't ask such questions!  

Does anyone have fun sites they enjoy using with their smart board?!?!!? 


  1. Mr. E--my Smartboard was literally life changing for me. If you have a more updated version, I don't know how well they'd work, but I link all my smartboard lessons in a site you can find through this post:
    Happy smartboarding!

  2. Well it is not a smart board site, but my 4th graders always enjoyed making Mr.Picassohead's from Mr.Picassohead.com. We made them as a class intro to Cubism people.

  3. Congrats -- you will absolutely LOVE how it enhances everything you do!!!!!!

  4. Mine was new last fall and this year I find myself using it everyday and I don't know what I'd do without it now. I have a smart document camera too. That's great for demos.
    Kathy L

  5. I LOVE my smartboard! This year I acquired the high school classroom as well and there is NO smartboard in it...it's so hard to go back to teaching with handouts and no powerpoints (unless I want to take my classes back down to the other room, or drag the COW down to the high school room to project on the tiny screen I have)! Just one site off the top of my head that I like to use in the wintertime with the younger kids is this: http://www.castlearcana.com/christmas/snowman/ I always use it whenever we do a snowman project to try and get students to think about putting different hats, arms, etc. on their snowmen.

  6. Yes I have one I got it last year. The interest in my classes has increased greatly