October 11, 2012

A Blog to Follow..

Do you guys follow/read School Arts Room blog?  WHY NOT?!?!  Nancy Walkup is the editor of SchoolArts Magazine, and this is her blogging spot. If you would be so kind...go to her blog & follower it!!!!  Tell her Mr. E sent you!!  I only recommend things I believe would be beneficial & worthy of  your time!  (ps..fall break almost over..back to your regularly scheduled blogging soon & very soon!)

We want the schoolartsroom blog to be a place where 
art teachers go for ideas. As the editor of SchoolArts Magazine, the blog is my voice. I write about ideas, issues, and concerns of art teachers, along with recommendations for places to go for arts advocacy, participation in national and international opportunities, and any thing else of interest to art teachers. Over my career I have taught art to every level from kindergarten to college, so I care about them all.  - Nancy Walkup


  1. Already follow; actually we met Nancy at the NAEA convention.

  2. I remember the picture!! :) ha ha I just couldn't believe she didn't have more followers..so I told her I'd put a post up!!!