December 16, 2010

...the grumpy grader...

Yes, I'm going to bellyache a bit.  We've had snow days this week...some we truly needed...others not so much.  This is the last week of the nine weeks & the start of Christmas break.  I usually have a "Finish Up Day" the last week of the 9 weeks so students can finish some of their unfinished work...and it gives me time to do a portfolio review with each student in class.  I've loved doing it this way over the past hand full of years!!!  I love the time I get with each student to talk about what is working & what needs work.  Getting their perspective on their work is so helpful to me as their teacher.  HOWEVER...with the snow days & half days...I've not had any classes this week...AND...the teachers still want their grades NOW NOW NOW!!!  So I'm up to my eyeballs in art, and
 feel like I'm missing a key component of the grading process....
the student!  It will get done....but it is so much more enjoyable with the kiddos!!!!


  1. Mr. E I am right there with you. I teach in East TN and we have not bee to school at all this week. Probably won't be tomorrow for the half day either. We didn't go to school 2 days the week before.
    My classes are everywhere. No class in each grade is on the same track. Living where you have 13 built in snow days really taught me that I can't try to keep everyone on track. Even at the beginning of the year if a pep rally comes up during a class, I won't hold the others back. We just keep treking on.
    I just turned in my grades. So grateful to have our grade system available at home. Of course I have no grade book or projects in front of me. I live 30 minutes down a "mountain" from my school and I'm not driving through the ice to get to work. I have all my students keep up with and record their grades so luckily I was pretty up to date. But of course I'm missing two or three. So goes the life of the week by week class.... Good luck!

  2. Oh my gosh! Here in northern NY our calendar has built in 3 snow days for the year. If we use them up and need more, we have a problem and will end up losing vacation time, because state aid to the district is based on # of children attending and #of days of attendance, and # of days each year is mandated.

    Some schools around us have had a 2-hour delay for early morning icy roads which can be treacherous in the mountains, but no snow days. We haven't even had a delay. I guess it pays that we are used to substantial snowfall and the plows get out and clear the roads (somewhat), and we are used to driving in snowy conditions. Love my Subaru!

  3. I forgot to mention - I love the fact that it is "snowing" on your blog! How did you do that?

  4. And this is why I hate our grading systems! Portfolios, portfolios, portfolios! Argh! There has to be a better way!

  5. I guess there are some of us who a sweating away in the Australian summer finishing up for our summer break of 6 weeks. It has been a busy year here in Perth, with school exhibition , art auction, district art display, reports and packing away all in the last ten weeks. I have the lucky job or re-organising the school timetable for the final week giving me time for cleanup and helping with graduation , award ceremonies and best of all teachers functions- ie a couple of quiet glasses of wine and great lunches. I live on the far west coast of Australia and currently very envious of the snow in the east. Merry xmas Mr E. Snow days just dont exist in our part of the world.

  6. I guess it is all a matter of perspective.. ha ha

  7. yes, portfolios, way too much, MUCH when you have over 800 students you teach. I have gone to the grade book and I just give a plus, a check, a dash or and I. for each day. That way they can take that precious work home immediately! Augh. I cannot imagine trying to keep their work, even for 9 weeks at a time!
    Hope your Christmas break was filled with Christmas Cheer and memories with your sweet family.