June 15, 2010

Kids' Classes at Hobby Lobby

I'll be teaching Kids' Classes at Hobby Lobby in Hermitage,TN during the month of July.

Here are the dates, times, and themes for the classes.  Please e-mail me if you are interested in attending.  Each class will run for 2 hrs & cost $25.  This will include all supplies. 
AGES FOR THE CLASS- 8-12 yrs old

JULY 10th
(This class will be themed on nature.  We'll draw, paint, and collage!)

JULY 13th
(This class will be all things buggy!  They can be gross, pretty, funny...whatever!!  We'll do paintings, drawings, and some 3-D bugs.  Bugs are not just a boy thing!)

JULY 15th
(We'll have fun creating watery pictures in a variety of media.)

JULY 17th
Mothers & Daughters

(This class is a mother/daughter class, and we'll need you both!!!  There will be some fun projects which will make fun memories for the both of you.  The projects will be fun & girly!!)

JULY 20th
(This class is themed on nature, but we'll be doing different projects than the first nature class.)


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