February 10, 2010

Kindergarten - Georgia O'Keeffe

Ms. Luquire taught a lesson on Georgia O'Keeffe to our Kindergarten classes. The students looked at work by O'Keeffe & many examples of close up flowers(thanks to a 90% off calender I had!). Ms. Luquire introduced Radial Symmetry to the students as well. They used tempera paint & oil pastels(for the center the following week). We limited the color palette to only 3 colors(one of which was white) that we pre-dispensed. They were allowed to pick out of the colors set out. This was done for a few reasons: keep students from making "mud", speed up the process, allow student to create tints. We also did not allow student to rinse out their brushes so that they would mix their colors.


  1. Love it! People need to give little ones more credit! They can achieve amazing success if provided with the proper tools. Good Job!!! Karen O'Keeffe

  2. I love how these turned out. What a fabulous idea for little artists.

  3. I love these! Limiting their palette and not having them rinse their brushes brought out such beautiful results!

  4. Hi. I love your blog! Can you please tell me step-by-step how you taught them that? I am a new kinder teacher. Thanks.

  5. Jane..

    Show images of O'Keeffe's work..discuss close ups.

    Have paint already to go...using two colors beside each other on the color wheel(red & orange, yellow & green...ect) & white. I had my students draw a small circle in the middle of their paper and then draw 6 lines coming from the circle to the edge of paper. Do a demo..show them how to place the brush at the circle and pull out to the edge of the paper.They should be getting all three colors on their brush.

    If you need other info..jsut ask.

  6. Hey! I'm a kindergarten teacher from Belgium :) I'm going to try this next week or the week after that. We're learning about fall and fall colors!
    Thank you for the great idea!