January 18, 2010


This year my wonderful PTO bought me new tables for my classroom! I had my round tables for the past 9 years, but figure they were well over 20 yrs old. They were not able to hold their adjustments...they rocked, wobbled, wiggled...and pretty much annoyed my students to no end!!! So, my PTO told me to look for the tables I wanted & order them. They came in over Christmas break, and one of my friends from church & myself put them together before the students returned. I've arranged & rearranged them many many times!!! It's hard when you have had the same tables for so many years. I love them though...and think I have 'em the way I want them.......for now. ha ha

1 comment:

  1. Those new tables look great, is there something special attached to the legs of the chairs? Is it to stop the chairs from sliding?