May 11, 2009

...end of the school year: teaching & grad school...

It's that time of year again...busy trying to get projects completed, art returned, grades filed, and classroom packed up(we have to pretty much pack up our classroom at the end of each year so they can clean our rooms top to bottom!!). With programs, awards, Fun/Field Day, field trips..etc.......this is not an easy task! I must say that it has been a challenging school year for me. Not so much because of the birth of my daughter, but that has taken some of my attention. Mostly, the challenge to keep my focus has been grad school!! I did not realize how time consuming it was going to be this past semester! Studio classes always take time, but I had no idea exactly how much time my aesthitics class was going to take!!! PRAISE THE LORD THAT'S OVER!!! ha ha The grade is still up in the air, but it's possible I could get an A!! I was praying for at least a C(that's how tough it was!!). I'm not sure about my grad for my studio class. The prof. did not seem as excited about my work this semester, but I liked them. I did the 4 seasons............winter is missing & a version of Fall that I
decided to try differently(my try to add it later)

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