July 29, 2008

STERILITE- Plastic Storage You Can Trust!

When it comes to things I love using in my art room(and at home!!), Sterilite brand plastic storage has my loyalty. You can purchase Sterilite products just about anywhere(Wal-Mart, Big Lots!, & Dollar General are my go to places!!!).

Why am I so loyal to this brand you ask?? Well, it goes back to my first year of teaching. I was in a portable classroom(like a trailer). I had no storage! So I purchased a bunch of containers to store my art supplies. The brand was Sterilite, but at the time I wasn't really concerned about the name...I just needed storage. Fast forward to April 16, 1998......a tornado goes through downtown Nashville & surrounding areas(who knew tornadoes actually hit cities?!?!?). East Nashville was the worst hit...and where I was teaching at the time. My classroom was lifted off the foundation & dropped on a car next to it. The roof had giant holes in it that allowed the rain to soak everything. After a week of not being allowed back in the area, I finally was able to go & see what was salvageable. There wasn't much.....EXCEPT....to my surprise...everything that was in the Sterilite brand containers was fine!!! The lids never came off, the containers never cracked....IT WAS AMAZING! Over a thousand dollars worth of art supplies were saved from a tornado because of Sterilite products. Too bad I didn't store all my books & the kids art work in Sterilite!!! ha ha I have a picture somewhere of me standing outside my portable with all my containers stacked around me. I know I kind of sound like an ad here, but when a product works...I have no problem singing its praises!!!!

CHECK OUT STERILITE ON THE WEB! http://www.sterilite.com/

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