About Me

My name is Ted Daniel Edinger, but you can call me Mr. E. 

I grew up in a small coal mining/farming town of 70 people in southeastern Ohio along the West Virginia border.  Though I didn't have art till high school, I was always interested in drawing, painting, quilts, and crafts.   During high school, I scored extremely high on the ASVAB, and the Navy offered for me to join with a rank and be part of their nuclear engineering program.  I did NOT accept. Can you imagine Mr. E on a sub?!?  I don't think so!? ha ha

I attended Bowling Green State University in Bowling Green, Ohio.  I originally went for Art Therapy/Art Ed, but changed my major to Art Education(with a focus in watercolor) within the first year.  BGSU is known for its education program, and the art education program was equally as excellent! For my student teaching, I applied for & was accepted to the international student teaching program.  I was placed in Montreal, Quebec. Blessed with the most amazing co-operating teacher, I learned so much through the experience.  I taught 7th through 11th grade(their version of high school) for 10 week.  Though it was a wonderful student teaching experience, it was then I realized I wanted to teach elementary!!  I came back to the USA, and graduated in Dec. of 1996. 

In summer of 1997, Metro Nashville Public Schools hired 80 elementary art teachers!  I was more than happy to head south....warmer weather(winters), country music, Christian music, and a JOB!!!!!!!

I have taught at three schools since beginning my career.  I started in an inner city Nashville school(K-6), and my first classroom was destroyed by a tornado during my first year of teaching(so I can trump most of you on your first year stories..ha ha). I was there for two years..before I joined staff with Campus Crusade for Christ for one year.  My second school was in north Nashville(K-4).  Dreamy classroom...but not a dreamy situation.  The school was "fresh started"...but 12 teachers & the principal left at the end of that first year.   I have been at Tulip Grove Elementary(K-4) since 2001.  I love my school!  It is a wonderful blend of children from different economical situations(we are a Title 1 school), different parts of the country(very transient area), and different parts of the world(we were an EL center for awhile..but now have around 100 in our EL program).  It has been such a blessing to be part of this community for such a long time.

 I was named the 2011-2012 Tennessee State Elementary Art Teacher of the Year by the TAEA.  I feel extremely  blessed to do what I do...and this award was the icing on an already sweet cake.

Over the years I've served on every team, committee, group you can imagine!  I love teaching and all that is involved with education.  I believe in being pro-active in my profession, and that is why I jump at the chance to serve on state standards, textbook adoption, curriculum writing...anything & everything! ha ha

I have been married to my lovely wife Shana since Dec of 2006.  She was a 3rd grade teacher, then a math coach for our district, and now she has the amazing job of raising our children..Margaret(March '09) , Eli(June '11), and Caroline(April '14). Between my family, my job, blogging, and church...I'm always busy, but life is good!!