February 20, 2019

Two Points in Time: 2nd Grade

My students are working on self portraits showing two points in time.   Their work was suppose to show the feeling of struggling with something at point A & then when they grew in confidence and skill in point B.  They were encourage to consider unreal colors when creating their work that might emphasize the emotions they were experiencing in the two points in time.  Most did not apply this in the work, but still came up with strong results!  I'm really proud of their work on this project!! 

February 17, 2019

Sunday Devotional With Mr. E: To Trust

Over time we come to trust our training & experience.  We come to trust our favorite supplies & materials.  We even come to trust a select few to speak truth to us concerning our work.  However, that trust does not always occur easily. These things come to be when tested & found to be trustworthy.  I think we naturally question things.  It is hard to trust.  When it comes to our art....it is more than "just art".  It is a part of us, our experiences, our emotions, our thoughts, and our views of the world.  It is hard to trust others when we are sharing something we love & care about, and honestly feel is a part of us.  We want control. However, control can begin to stifle us. It keeps us from being free to take risks.  If we do not extend ourselves & trust.....we will never see the rewards of our efforts and the growth that comes when we step out in faith.

Jesus, once more deeply moved, came to the tomb.  It was a cave with a stone laid across the entrance.  "Take away the stone," he said.  "But, Lord," said Martha, the sister of the dead man, "by this time there is a bad odor, for he has been there four days."  Then Jesus said, "Did I not tell you that if you believe, you will see the glory of God?"
John 11:38-40

I've said it before, "I AM A MARTHA!!"  When Mary sat at the feet of Jesus listening, learning, and adoring....Martha was too busy making sure everything was perfect, and she missed out on what was best.  Now we see her once again missing out on what Jesus was about to do.  She over thought everything. She forgot the importance of trusting.  I understand her struggle.  She was focused on her loss.  She was grieving her brother's death.  Plus, she had her plans on how things were suppose to happen, and they did not turn out how she thought the should/would.  Jesus was suppose to come before her brother died. If he would have come when SHE sent for him..everything would have worked out perfectly as she planned.  This thing that Jesus was going to do didn't make sense.  It didn't fit into her plan.  He reminded her though of what he had told her before..."Did I not tell you that if you believe, you will see the glory of God?".

Trust sometimes takes reassurance.  If you struggle in trusting God with things in your life, THAT IS OK!!! He is not surprised by this.  He knows your struggles.  He knows your heart.  Be honest with where you are & share that with Him. Being able to lay out your fears, worries, and troubles will allow you to start trusting him with your life in deeper/authentic ways.  You can see example after example in the Bible of people who wrestled with this very thing....trusting God (Moses, Noah...etc).  You are in GREAT company.   Just remember that if you believe.....you will see the glory of God!

February 15, 2019

3 in 1

The other day I posted about getting more bang for your buck in regards to using color diffusers for multiple projects at the same time.  Here are the results of the 3 in 1 diffuser project.  The students LOVED doing it because they were so excited by what the diffuser did & how it looked!!  We used pencils & construction paper crayons to add detail & create the monsters on the actual diffuser.  So many more possibilities....I'm thinking of a possible Dot Day project for next school year.

February 13, 2019

What Do You Do When You Get Lice?!?

Are you scratching your head right now??  

I AM!!! ha ha

An art teacher friend of mine emailed me asking for help on how to deal with lice.  I've never had lice before, but am pretty handy dandy with "the google".  It made me think though....lice is a reality of teaching & schools.  Would I know how to handle a case of lice if I got it? (I'm sure my wife would kick me out of the house till I was 100% sure I was free of it!!! ha ha)  There are over the counter treatments you can pick up at your local drug store (and probably grocery stores as well).  There are shampoos & leave in conditioners/sprays that are suppose to help prevent it(rosemary & tea tree oil seems to keep the little buggers away).  In my research...I learned that they do not jump or fly (I had always heard they jumped?!?!).  It is from contact.  This also lets you know where you might need to treat (pillows, heardrests, hats, scarves, combs, brushes..etc).  They say they can not live without a host (body snatchers anyone??) for 24 hrs.  However...I'd not leave it to chance....vacuum EVERYTHING....whatever you can fit in the drier...DO!!!!  Most of all...make sure you take care of the source....YOUR HEAD!!!!  Treat & retreat if you need to.  Get others to check out your scalp to make sure there are no eggs left.  If you don't...they'll be back!!  


February 12, 2019

Fairy Poofs! : Kindergarten

My kindergarten classes have been creating "Fairy Poofs" the past week!  What is a Fairy Poof you might be wondering?!?  Well, it is a make believe creature that is a cross between a dust bunny & a fairy. They are still young artists getting a handle on their cutting & gluing skills....and the Fairy Poof allowed for great success because it was more open ended about the final "look".  

February 11, 2019

MTSU Department of Art & Design Spring Open House

Saturday I was invited to participate in the MTSU Department of Art & Design Spring Open House. ( This is a university in Middle TN that I receive most of my student teachers & practicum students from.  They have a WONDERFUL art education program!!! ) They opened up their doors to the community to come in and learn about the department as well as provided hands on experiences.  IT WAS AMAZING!!!  They did such a good job of providing fun actives, valuable information, and a warm welcoming environment.  I loved seeing families, current students, art educators from the Middle TN area all exploring, learning, and participating together!  The volunteers/professors/staff seemed to be enjoying the experience as well! 


I probably talked the ear off of the professor that was running this demo!! ha ha  She was amazing & so knowledgeable.  I probably could have spent the whole day in there!!

This was vinyl press in the Graphic Design department! I was able to get a cute canvas bag made with the Art & Design Department logo!

I visited the encaustics demo & found a couple of my fellow MNPS teachers hard at work!! I had just taken encaustics at our fall conference....
& it was busy in there.....so I let others take my spot.

This was student work hanging in the hall that I just loved!
 The art world's future looks bright!!

This was a hands on sand casting session.  I had never done sand casting before...it was so much fun!  I also was able to spend time with some of my Middle TN buddies!! What do you think of my octopus?!?! I love him!! He is going to be hanging out on my desk.

February 10, 2019

Sunday Devotional With Mr.E: If You Love

If you love art...one would expect you to speak often on the topic, visit museums and galleries, watch art related programs, read art related materials, create your own art work, and/or gift art related items.     What we love is reflected in our life.  It can't be contained.  We want to share the joy art brings to us.  Think about an amazing art exhibition you've seen.  Don't you share that experience with your friends, family, co-works...and at times total strangers.  Art has a way of impacting us so powerfully that we want others to experience it as well.  If you said you loved art, but did not reflect that love anywhere in your life....one might question the validity of your affection.  

Dear children, let us not love with words or speech, but with actions and in truth. 
1 John 3:18

I feel many Christians often say they love God, but fail to follow through with that love by their actions.  It is easy to share platitudes without proof.  If we say we love God...shouldn't that love have a transformative affect on our life? Wouldn't meeting the maker of life itself impact us in a way that would season our speech, move us to action, change how we view others, cause us to reflect that love we say we now know?  If others can not see a difference between us and the world...do we truly know this love we say we claim? Love impacts every area our life. What is it that you truly love? You will see it in your speech, where you invest your time & energy, and through your relationships with others.  If you love God...you will see it reflected. 

February 07, 2019

More Bang For Your Buck: Color Diffusers

Sometimes I like to try something new/different.....and hope that it works!!
Doing a teacher example would eliminate the unknown, but I like to live on the edge like that! ha ha

I had my 1st graders work on overlapping & composition by filling a page full of their favorite veggies & fruits.  They traced their drawing with Sharpie after finishing the drawing.  I then had the students create a "fairy" animal.  They made the heads, wings, arms, and feet.  The middle will be added when they cut them out later(as well as using construction paper crayons to add more definition to their creation).  We sandwiched their completed diffuser circle between their two images with a spray or two of water on each layer(including the top).  I then pressed each "pack" of images to make sure the diffuser was touching completely & that the water completely covered EVERYTHING!  The kids LOVED watching this process...they were so excited to see the colors bleed out & mix together.  It was magic!!