December 12, 2018

Pinch Pots: 1st Grade

My 1st graders created pinch pots with texture on the exterior.  I do not glace, and each year I do different things in regards to painting.  I've used watercolor, tempera, acrylic, crayon with a black ink dip......a little bit of everything.  This year I used Pearl It! by Crayola.  I've had it for awhile, but never tired it on anything.  I LOVE IT!!  I allowed the students to select a liquid watercolor to tint the Pearl It!  They look wonderful.  Just a little color...and a little shine.  It doesn't distract from the clay work the students did.  

December 10, 2018


So earlier in the year, Peter H Reynolds (Author of The Dot, Ish...etc) released two signed copies at every Target store in the United States. If you found were suppose to post a picture to social media. In return...Peter H Reynolds would make you a personal dot! HOW FUN IS THAT!!


December 09, 2018

Sunday Devotional With Mr. E: Someone Else's Treasure

I love to explore places that carry nontraditional art supplies.  Corks, broken jewelry, fabric scraps, baby doll parts...things that might look like trash to most, really sparks my imagination.  I believe artists often see potential in things others do not.  This might be why some get the reputation of being hoarders.  Even if they don't have an immediate use for something, there may be a time in the future that item is needed.  The potential is just too great to allow it to "get away".  Artists will develop collections of different items that might have been tossed in the trash that will one day make their way into a work of art.  As the saying person's trash is someone else's treasure!

The stone the builders rejected has become the cornerstone.  Psalm 118:22
The Lord is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit. Psalm 34:18

Zacchaeus, Mary Magdalene, the woman at the well....these were people that had been written off by society as trash, unredeemable, and rejects.  However, an encounter with the Lord changed the trajectory of their lives.  They felt accepted, forgiven, and worth something. It is amazing the change that can occur when someone feels loved. We serve a God that has experienced rejection.  We serve a God who cares deeply for those who feel the pains of rejection.  He came to love them.  Not because he felt sorry for them, but because he treasures them. He sees the potential in their lives that others do not. Haven't we all experienced rejection of some sort?  Some of us much more than others.  Haven't we also experienced the love and acceptance of God?

If our Lord sees the potential in those who society rejects....
why don't we?  If we say we do....can our attitudes & actions back that up? 

December 07, 2018

More Collagraph Prints: 2nd Grade

A couple weeks ago I shared my 2nd grade Collagraph Prints with you.  I was only able to print with  about half the class each time.  This week I was able to finish up printing with the rest of the students.  I just had to share more with you....they are so fun! 



December 06, 2018

Kindergarten is Playing in the Snow!

I wanted to revisit self portraits with kindergarten.  
I break down full body self portraits using shapes in a demo first.  Then I let the children go back and draw their body.   I then do another demo showing them how to add in details(eyes, nose, mouth, hats..etc).   I don't do step by step...."guided drawing" because  I feel that they become to robotic looking & lack the child's personality.
I love my kindergarten students...they are AMAZING!!!!!!!


December 05, 2018


This is not about politics.  This is about one of the most moving images I've seen in a long time.

(I'm not sure who took this photo, but I want to thank them for capturing such an amazing moment)

Even though no one expected you to stand Bob did. You could have stayed in your wheel chair, & no one would have thought differently about you. BUT YOU SIR...are a gentleman of great honor & respect. You make me want to be a better human being.

December 04, 2018

Winter Self Portraits: 1st Grade

Fun wintertime self portraits!  I introduced students to facial proportion, and how to draw eyes & noses a bit more realistic.  My expectations are that they attempt to apply the new information they've been given in regards to drawing faces.  They were suppose to draw the mittens covering their mouth, but some did not.  Still super cute! 

December 03, 2018

Kindergarten Snowmen Make Me Smile

For several years now I've seen my Kindergarten students cutting & gluing skills go down.
To many hours on devices....not enough time for such activities in the classroom...there are several reasons for this happening.  I needed to change my expectations & my projects a bit.  By this time, I use to have my kindergarten students creating snowmen with hats scarves..etc.  They were able to give them a bit more "personality". (They do have a little personality in how they cut & placed the pieces.)  Now, I just want to give them opportunity to develop the necessary skills/abilities to create!  There is a ton of time spent on how to hold scissors and cut properly that they use to come to me already able to do.

  That being said...I LOVE KINDERGARTEN!  
How can you not smile when these young artists create!! 
They bring such joy to everything they do.

December 02, 2018

50 Kindergartners By My Self!

I don't know how it is in your district, but here in the Nashville it can be a challenge to secure a sub at times.  I feel our school has been fortunate to usually have enough subs to cover classes, but every once and awhile....we find ourselves short handed.  Sometimes the sub just cancels at the last minute....and sometimes the need is last minute(when someone unexpectedly gets sick).  

Our P.E. teacher is AMAZING!! He has taken double classes for the whole day a couple times when a related arts teacher is out with no sub (thank goodness my subs have always showed...oh shoot...probably jinxed myself!?!!? ha ha).  We already see a class & a 1/4 with our classes because we only have 4 related art teachers and most grade levels have 5 classes.  So Mr. Mac(the P.E.teacher) was out sick without a sub....and I felt like since he sacrificed for us in the past by taking double classes...that I would return the favor. I did tell the principal I could only do it in the morning, because my afternoon classes had to finish projects that would not allow for me to have double classes(painting & clay).  


I have these handy dandy baskets from Dollar Tree.  I knew I could grab those and use them for stations in the gym(I do not have enough space for 45 + students in the art room).  I loaded each basket up with the supplies I knew I needed...or thought I could possibly need(extra pencils, erasers, sharpeners..etc).

  I decided I'd do a project that could cross over all 3 of the grade levels.  This allows you to not have to have a ton of different supplies to switch out.  I did change some of my expectations between 2nd grade, 1st grade, and Kindergarten.  I had 2nd & 1st cut out their own hats/earmuffs for their snowman heads.  They've had much more experience with scissors, and do not take as long to create college elements.  For kindergarten I precut the pieces to a hat and had them assemble it.  I knew I'd have the time to do the precutting because I saw the classes 2nd, 1st, and then Kindergarten.  

This is not the normal environment...class make up...or way you normally present information/teach!  You can't expect your students to be 100% the normal selves.  Be flexible/grace filled...but also set the tone for how you expect them to perform.  They don't have to be absolutely crazy just because there are 50 of them in a room!  

One of the most challenging parts of having 2 1/2 classes at once is the end of class!! Have a clear plan on how you will have them clean up their supplies. Make sure you explain how you want the baskets of supplies put back together...maybe have one as an example so they can see what you want from them.  With that many bodies...they will be distract & visuals are always helpful!  Have folders, baskets, or some other plan for collecting the work from the different groups of students.  

These situations are hopefully not your norm.  When the happen...just ride the wave.  It isn't the students' fault this happened...and you need to make sure that you don't respond negatively to kids.  Find the fun in the challenge...and laugh along with the students!
YOU CAN DO THIS(Just hopefully not too often!)