January 06, 2019

Sunday Devotional With Mr. E: Willing to listen...

Artists learn so much of their "craft" through listening, observation, and application. This truly goes for all fields.  We must be able to be teachable, and have a desire to grow & improve.  If I would have went into my studio classes with the attitude that I already knew everything....how much would I have learned? I would have missed out on so much from people that were truly experts in their discipline.  I didn't always like everything that my professors had to say to me, but I respected them enough to listen & contemplate what they were saying.  A majority of the time their thoughts, critiques, and advise allowed me to push myself far beyond where I had been in skill & concept.  As I create or teach even now....I hear the voices of those who invested in me.....
because I was willing to listen...observe...and apply.

Whatever you have learned or received or heard from me, or seen in me- put into practice.
 And the God of peace will be with you. Philippians 4:9

 I believe people come in and out of our lives that are able to model behavior, attitudes, actions, and disciplines that help us to grow in our faith journey.   I believe God places people in our path that can speak the truth we need to hear...when we need to hear it!  Are we willing to listen?  Are we willing to observe? Are we willing to apply?  There are many reasons that we do not do these things!  Pride,  misconceptions, and distractions can cause us to be less than teachable.  Over & over again in scripture we see God do amazing things through people that were willing to listen to Him.  I'm also extremely thankful that we have examples of people that didn't always do the right thing the first time around (David, Jonah, Sampson, Peter..etc) but God "helped" them to listen to Him!  We see relationships in scripture that also model for us what it means to listen, observe, and apply (Elijah & Elisha, Mordecai & Esther, Naomi & Ruth, Jesus & the disciples, Paul & Timothy). Who has God placed in your life that can help you grow in your faith journey?  If you don't have someone....ask God....and be willing to listen!  

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  1. In my faith life it was the older women in Bible studies who modeled patience and maturity at a time when I was newly divorced and seeking answers. These women trusted and relied upon and prayed and listened to God in everyday situations. And with guidance I began to see the Light! In teaching Art I am still learning to lead and to be the adult in the room!