November 30, 2020

#turkeyaday 2020

I decided to do "turkey portraits" for this year's #turkeyaday.  Here is a review of what I created.  If you missed out & want to do a no stress art challenge....check back in February for #heartaday2020! 

November 29, 2020

Sunday Devotional With Mr.E: Not A Day

There have been days in my artistic journey that haven't been my favorite.  The day I smashed my finger off in sculpture class.  The day my professor belittled me in front of the entire class because he didn't like the subject matter of my work.  The day my first first year of teaching was destroyed by a tornado. These are just a few of the many days that seemed incredibly dark.  How do you respond to such days...such times in your life?  Struggles will arise in every artist's journey.  Do you just wish those days away?  There is not a day I'd wish away.  Even in the darkest moments, I knew that I was on a journey worth taking.  As artists we can channel our struggles into our work.  As artists we can begin to pull ourselves from the pit through our artistic endeavors. We have a "built-in" way to process the pain.  However, I'd not purposely go stick my hand back in that machine again.  However, I learned so much from the accident.  That was an experience I walked through, and I became stronger for it.  Do you have days in your journey that you can point to as turning points/moments of great meaning?  

I think you'd be hard pressed to find anyone that would say 2020 has been the greatest year ever.  There have been trials and tribulations like most of us have never experienced in our life.  I hear so many wishing the days away.  They are hoping an end to 2020 will be an end to all the struggles that they've been facing.  The trouble with that mentality is that we do not know what tomorrow holds.  We don't even know if we will have tomorrow.  We must find what is praise worthy in today.  We must look for the good that God has placed in the now.  It is ok not to want to repeat the pain and sorrow we are experiencing, but we cannot turn our back on who God is, what he is doing, and how he might want to use today.  Not a day is worth giving up when we know the Lord.  For each day is one to know him more and make him known.   

November 23, 2020

Snow People: Kindergarten

We started the year virtually, and continued through the end of the first nine weeks. I'm not sure how many others school years have gone this way, but it definitely changed things.  I feel like I've been starting from scratch the six weeks we've been back. I've not seen the "finishing" that I'm use to from my students.  Just now am I seeing the work I'm use to at the start of the school year.  

My kindergarten students created snowpeople last week, and I was truly excited to see the progress they've made.  Kindergarten is my favorite grade level to teach.  They grow by leaps and bounds!! 

Check out their super fun pictures!! 

November 22, 2020

Sunday Devotional With Mr.E: WHEN WILL I LEARN?!

I've crafted most of my life.  I have a master's degree in an art related field.  I've been teaching visual arts for almost a quarter century. SO WHY IN THE WORLD DO I STILL BURN MYSELF EVERY TIME I USE A HOT GLUE GUN?!  You would think that by now I'd have figured out how to use a glue gun.  Do you have something that you use often, but do not use well? There are times that I think I'm in a hurry and become careless.  There are times that I'm just not really paying attention to what I'm doing.  I pay the price every time.  I've burned myself, ruined clothing, and truly messed up the project I was working on.  Is it that I truly don't know how to use a hot glue gun, or have I never learned from my mistakes?

  Are you acquainted with people that know a lot, but do not seem very wise? Knowledge & Wisdom are quite different. Knowledge is static. Facts are fabulous, but what are their purpose?  Wisdom is knowledge with perspective and applications.  There are many who know the Word of God, but they do little with that knowledge.  There lives do not look as if they have put into practice the words that they have read. The Bible is meant to transform the reader.  It is a love letter from God to his children. This "knowledge" is meant to lead one into a life lived for the Lord by the power of the Holy Spirit.  

 That being said, there are many of us who know God, don't always live like we do.  We have read the Word, but fail to put it into practice.  Maybe we are too busy.  Maybe we aren't really paying attention.  A distracted life does not display the wisdom of one who walks with God.  Whatever the reason, we need to start living a life that not only knows the word...but puts it into practice.   

November 18, 2020

Collaborative “Happy Art” Project K-4th

Every year I have my students create a collaborative art project which will hang in the halls for the entire school year. Because we began the year virtual I had to change things up. I finally found a break in the curriculum where I could do this project with the entire school. We discussed why artist create, select themes, choose colors, and a host of other arty goodness. It really was a good discussion even with my young artists. We then looked at the work of Britto. I found some good videos on YouTube to go along with the lesson. I asked them to choose a word to describe his work. A majority of my students said happy first....then colorful. We talked about how important happy art is during a time like this. They were so excited to create art for the school that would make people smile and bring joy.
Each student created one heart. I told the students that they could put something that makes them smile in the center heart. They then Drew seven lines coming from the heart to the outer edge like the rays of the sun. Each section had to have a different pattern and color story. I emphasize the importance of a large patterns....Because if they created really small ones it would take forever to finish! With kindergarten I used grade levels are used crayons, and all other grades used markers. 

I am currently assembling the hearts to fit within black frames we have for the hallway. Normally I would have students help, but because of Covid I’ve had to take more of a role.

I think these will make people smile and bring joy to all who see them! 
The kids are so excited to see them up in the hall!! 


November 15, 2020

Sunday Devotional With Mr.E: Be Safe!

Some may think the worst thing that can happen to you in art is a paper cut.  However, there are many dangers that you must be aware of in art. Products, tools, and procedures require great attention in order to be safe.  At the elementary level we are constantly reinforcing scissor safety, refraining from putting small fingers into pencil sharpeners, and not eating the glue (IT HAPPENS!).  At the middle school & high school level, teachers are introducing hot glue guns, paints & products that could cause issues if ingested or contact with the eyes/skin, linoleum block printing, and other cutting tools that may be new to students and pose a risk if handled improperly.  "Don't touch that, don't eat that, don't stick that there...etc"  ha ha  Honestly though, life is full of "things" that can be dangerous if we do not protect ourselves & consider safety first.  Knowing the danger, having a plan in place for protection, and always handling things with great care will minimize possible risk.  Safety requires a plan!

Finally, be strong in the Lord and in his mighty power.  Put on the full armor of God so that you can take your stand against the devil's schemes. For your struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of the evil in the heavenly realms.  Therefore put on the full armor of God, so that when the day of evil comes, you may be able to stand your ground, and after you have done everything, to stand.
Ephesians 6:10-13

Every day we are faced with multiple situations that have "risk" our personal, mental, relational, professional, and spiritual life.  These risks take many forms, but there are ways we can prepare ourselves and minimize potential risk.  God's Word speaks of our need to be prepared.  The passage in Ephesians that discusses the Armor of God lays out exactly we need to do to prepare ourselves and to be ready for battle against those things that come our way.  

Helmet of Salvation
Breastplate of Righteousness
Belt of Truth
Shield of Faith
Sward of the Spirit
Feet Fitted with Peace

Many of us learned the Armor of God in Sunday School as children.  However, do we put them into practice in our daily lives?  When we don't have a plan for safety, we place ourselves at risk of being hurt/injured.  We open ourselves up to become less effective for the Kingdom of God!  Maybe we think we are "ok"...or not at risk, but that is exactly when "things" happen.  We cannot be so confident/comfortable that we neglect what God has given us for our own safety & His glory!  Where in your life do you need to put in place a "safety plan".  What piece of armor do you seem to be lacking in your day to day?  How can "safety" make you a more effective believer?  

November 12, 2020

Mary Ward

Mary Ward taught art in North Carolina, and recently passed from Covid-19.  I didn't know her, but I feel like we art teachers are a family, and this story hit hard.  Please take care friends.  It can be hard to keep on keeping on with safety measures and such...but keep going!!!  I know you put your students first, but make sure to take care of you.

November 09, 2020

Two New Books!

[Sorry the pictures aren't the is hard to photograph a book with a shiny cover when you are in a room with nothing but florescent lights?!? ha ha]

Are you looking for some new books!! Here are two new books that just came into our school library.  Our librarian rushed down to share them with me...knowing I'm always on the look out for great art related books!  THEY ARE AMAZING!!!!  I linked a read along for Pete the Cat, but couldn't find one for Love by Sophia.  Trust is WONDERFUL!