May 29, 2012

New Shelves: Before & After

(I shared this a few post ago.)

(These are my "everyday" supplies.  I don't always like things out in the open like this, but these are the things we use all the time.  I want easy access so the kids can help pass things out & such. It may change when school starts back...I just was testing out the new shelves!!!)

May 27, 2012

A Good Memorial Day Weekend To You!

I hope all of you are having a great Memorial Day Weekend!!  It is officially summer break for us(Friday was the last day)....and I'm enjoying time with my family!  Aren't my babies just awesome!!!!(Eli is going to 1 in a month...and Margaret turned 3 in March)  My wife made their shirts for them..she's been extremely crafty lately!!!  Don't worry...I have a few posts from school left, plus you know my arty life doesn't end on the last day of school?!?!!? :)  Enjoy your summer...but stay tuned for more from Art With Mr. E!!!

May 25, 2012

MNPS Visual and Performing Arts Director's Retirement Party

Carol Crittenden was the director of music for our district.  When cutbacks came...and the art director was cut....they placed her in charge of all visual & performing arts.  We were nervous...because what does a music director know about visual arts?!?!!?  Oh how wrong we were to ever doubt!!!  She has been the best thing that has ever happened to the visual arts in my 15 yrs of teaching.  She put her self out there to take classes, go to workshops, attend conferences...and surround herself with art educators that knew their stuff!  She has been such a blessing to us...and that is why it is so hard to think of her no longer being in that position.  She officially retires this year, but is coming back for 120 days next year to help transition the new director(who will be focusing on music next year)....and to make sure the other arts are taken care of(yep..that's just the kind of person she is...AMAZING!)

I was honored to be asked to speak at her retirement party on behalf of "the other" arts.  The rest of the speakers are legacy teachers...teachers that she taught that became teachers...that they taught..that became teachers( 3 or 4 generations of amazing is that!!!).  I also was asked if I could come up with a special gift for her from the visual arts.  I asked teachers to have a few students create a symbol to represent the different arts in black & white.  Though I only received pieces from a handful of schools(at the end of the school year...I don't blame anyone for not getting to it!!!)...with adding several of my students' was enough to fill the canvas.  I mounted each piece on a black/white/gray scrapbook paper, and collaged it all on a canvas. One top of everything, I did a black acrylic wash & then sealed it with a clear mat varnish.  In the center I added the hearts and wrote THE HEART OF ART(which in my opinion..she IS!!!).  She loved it.  I'm just thankful came together in the 11th hour!!!!!  SHE IS WORTH IT!!!!  

Carol Crittenden is more than my director...she is a role model/mentor, advocate, encourager, fierce warrior for the arts, and friend.  I'm a better person & educator because of having her in my life!  

The event was held at Two Rivers Mansion.  The rest of the pictures are just random shots of this amazing (and old) place!  
Check out the website for more information(and better pictures..ha ha)

May 24, 2012


I've been wanting new shelves in my room for a long time, but never put in a request because I heard so many other teachers say they had put in requests years ago...and it never happened.  My assistant principal put the request in about two weeks ago...last week they came out to take measurements..and this week they installed them!  Not only did they paint them green to match my room...they rounded the corners without me asking(some are in a place the kids could run into them)!! One set is going to be for my everyday supplies(markers, crayons, colored pencils..etc) & the other set are going to be for student work. LOVE LOVE LOVE THEM!! I know it is the end of the year(last day with kids today)...but it gives me a place to put my stuff up for the summer...and I can't wait to set up my room at the end of July(kids come back Aug. 1st!!!).   

May 23, 2012

For a Better Bulletin Board

The blue paper on left is construction paper.  The light blue is where it faded over the school year...and the dark blue is where elements of the board covered the border up from exposure of the florescent lighting. The orange paper on the the right is scrapbook cardstock.  Yes, cardstock is more expensive, but the color is so much nicer!!!  I hand make all the elements of my bulletin boards (yes, I know a bit obnoxious), and want them to look good all year long!   If you haven't used scrapbook cardstock in the past...try might like it!  (However..NEVER NEVER PAY FULL PRICE!!!  If you have Hobby Lobby or Jo-Ann's...if it isn't on sale this will be next week!!)

May 21, 2012

Welcome A "New" Art Teacher to Blogging!

Many of you know Phyl from There's a Dragon in My Art Room...and that she is retiring(but she promises to continue blogging!!!!)  Well, the teacher that will be teaching art at that school now is starting a new blog!  It is the end of the school year....and probably won't be a lot of posting yet, but please stop by & make her feel welcomed!!!!!!!  THANKS!!

May 18, 2012

Just Another Slimy Friday

Several weeks ago our PTO president asked me if I'd fill in for our PE teacher for the PTO Fundraiser Rewards....I thought she had something about a pie to the face.  I was game.  I did not realize would be today(our Fun Day)...and did not realize it would be SLIME(green applesauce..COLD green applesauce!)...and I did not bring a shirt to change into afterward?!?!?! 

GUESS WHO WAS THE MOST POPULAR TEACHER TO BE SLIMED!!!!!!!!!!  Yep!  Oh my.  If I can get a better picture from someone else..I will.  I just threw my camera at a teacher and said snap some pictures please!! Oh..and get this....the PE teacher was there watching?!?!?!?!?!?!
The 1st guy with no hair is our music teacher...the 2nd person is our principal(I think the kids were afraid to slime here)...then the big guy is me...and the PTO president is on the other side.  Needless to say...the music teacher had no problem cleaning up!  I was a hot mess!!! ha ha

This is my assistant principal dumping the rest of the "slime" on my head!  To be fair...he did
ask the students who should get it, but still...I'm holding him personally responsible!

At this point I'm will I get back at my assistant principal?!?!?!

May 15, 2012

Getting Ready for Next Year

With a little over a week left of school...I'm in the midst of getting ready for next school year.  I'm going to be going with a cool/icy color theme.  I've gotten most of my letters cut out for my boards....and I've had my students create these fun turtles to hang outside my room at the start of the school year.  
So much still to do...but I have a jump on thing at least.

May 14, 2012

Day 2 on TP Monsters: 1st Grade

 I gave my students a second day to work on their monster/creatures, but I was a bit concerned.  A second day with Kindergarten & 1st Grade students can sometimes mean over working the surface...aka MAKIN' A MESS OF THINGS!?!?!  I was pleasantly surprised by my 1st graders.  Maybe the leap to 2nd grade has already happened?!?!  Most of them did a wonderful job of adding to their pieces without over adding!  

May 12, 2012


1)  Forgive me to everyone reading this...because I'm sure this picture will give you nightmares!!!

2) Forgive me to the person I said I'd do a class project with between our schools.  I have looked & looked but can not find the e-mail!!!!  This has been kind of a busy, crazy stressful year(and I'm praying next year will at least drop the stressful part!!)....and I will admit being a bit scattered.  I have no idea who it was or where the e-mail is?!?!?!?!?!?!  If it was you...please contact me...and we will try again in the fall!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

May 11, 2012

Paper Sculpture Creatures: 1st Grade

These are my teacher examples.  
I don't know if I've ever posted pictures of my teacher examples because I mainly want to show off my student work!  
I was just having too much fun with this project though & thought I'd share!! 
You will see the blue guy again down of my students must have really liked my example. ha ha

They start with a TP roll, a pipe cleaner, and full access to the scrap box.  Half way through the class I start having students bring their little monster/creatures up to glue googlie eye balls on.  They pick what they want & where they want them...and I hot glue them on(googlie eyes & Elmer's glue are not friends!!).  We talked about how they could be inspired by emotions, animals, monsters, or aliens.  Next week we'll be finishing them up, and creating a landscape collage for them to live in!

May 10, 2012

Even More Dragon Collages: 3rd Grade


I'm not sure who does princess dragon's yard work, but I wish they'd stop by my house!

Love the space suit!!!!

I thought the dragon was holding a person, but they told me it was TNT. For some reason..there is a UFO in the background too?!?!?  This is exactly what I would have probably done if I had art in elementary school!! ha ha  

I really loved the woods on this one!!