May 14, 2023

Art With Mr. E Summer Workshop

"Hey Jill, what do you think of the Art With Mr. E Summer Workshop?" 

Do you need any more convincing? 
ha ha ha!!

I'd love for you to come to this summer's workshop in Lebanon,TN!  We have an amazing time.  K-12 teachers from near & far have attended.  Last summer we had someone come up all the way from Florida, and this year someone from northwest Ohio is coming down (her second time attending).

If you have questions..please message me. 



May 08, 2023

Reverse Coloring Book

For my birthday, my wife bought me a Reverse Coloring Book.  They have been all over social media, and looked like a lot of fun.  THEY ARE!!!  So as we are approaching the end of the year, I am trying to keep my students engaged in meaningful art activities.  I thought that having them make pages for a reverse coloring book would be a great way to review some painting techniques. I also thought we could make little booklets for all the students in the school.  I'm doing this with 4th & 5th grade this week, but may need to do it with third next week so I have enough pages to make the booklet.  My 4th and 5th graders are extremely excited about this project.  They were asking me when we are going to give them out, how many pages would each booklet have....they are all in!  I'll show you the final project in a couple weeks when we hand them out! 


May 04, 2023


 My wife and I helped orchestrate an art night at our church.  Why? It helps to cast a vision of the importance of VBS and the important role the kids (and adults) play in making VBS meaningful/impactful....while creating art to help decorate this summer.  This is something we used to do at our old church, and we truly believe it makes a difference.  There is a lot of "prep" for such an event.  You are dealing with toddlers through senior adults, and they come from diverse backgrounds in regards to art experience. Having everything laid out, clearly labeled, and examples helps attendees to feel more confident & successful!