April 26, 2023

Emoji Stuffies w/ Painted Faces

My 5th graders are creating Emoji Stuffies!  In the past I've done "ugly dolls" & "shape monsters" for sewing projects with my 4th graders.  We now have 5th grade in elementary, and I decided to move the sewing up to be one of their projects.  I am using Smart-Fab's pre-cut circles.  I purchased them through BLICK(I believe they come in a pack of 100).  They are a great manageable size for students that have no background in sewing.  Doing too large of a project can become extremely overwhelming.  Some of my classes are finding great success...and some are struggling a bit.  The struggle is worth it...I feel sewing is a life skill kids need!  Here are some of the finished results.  They used Sharpie & acrylic paint to create the faces.


April 25, 2023

Jelly Gouache From Five Below!

We just had a Five Below open up in the town where I live (which is about 30 min. from where I teach).  It was packed with all kinds of arty goodness!  They had some things I've not seen at other Five Belows (I have 3 kids...we love this store!).  They had a set of Jelly Gouache!  I've seen it online (YouTube, IG, TikTok..etc), but had never worked with it before.   I love getting to try new things, but hate paying a lot!!!  For only $5 for a set of 12....low investment to try something new!

I made a set of 3 videos sharing my experience over on TikTok!  Go there for the details.  Here I'll just share...I like them...worth the money...but not the same a watercolor!! I need to watch some instructional videos! ha ha 

April 20, 2023

Cordless Glue Gun


I am slow to the cordless hot glue gun game.  I've seen them in passing, but felt like it was a luxury I didn't really need.  I WAS WRONG!!!!  They are total game changer.  The one I got also uses low or high temp sticks...so I did not have to go out and buy special ones.  I purchased mine from School Specialty, but I'm sure you can get them anywhere. 

This is what I purchased!

April 19, 2023




April 18, 2023

The Language of Flowers

I'm sharing with you a new "coloring book" created by an art teacher friend of mine.  She has been painting a series of flowers for years, and has now turned it into a coloring book! I love being able to support my friends in their ventures. 

After a rough day at school yesterday...I was so excited to have something new to help take my mind of things! I used alcohol markers.  As with any coloring book...it is best to keep a piece of cardstock or chipboard behind the page you are working.  I really enjoyed the images because they are not "standard" adult coloring book type pages.  Most adult coloring books are mandalas or stained glass inspired.  This is a book of flowers/plants with an artistic flair. 

I've included the link below if you are interested!


April 13, 2023

Emoji Stuffy Tutorial

You may have seen me do "Ugly Dolls" in the past, but time is escaping me to get such a project completed before the end of the year.  I decided to modify it so students still had the skill development in sewing.  I made a video showing how I approach this project.  If you have never sewn before with your students...this might be a great "gateway" into it!  It should take just two class times (45 to 60 min classes).  Please feel free to comment or message me if you have any questions.  I'll help out anyway I can! Have a wonderful day.

April 10, 2023

Coil Pot Hack

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I use terracotta flower pots for my students to create their coil pots in.  It gives structure to the sides as they are building upwards.  I was having so many students not able to control the amount of pressure they were using.  This would cause their pots to become more like plates.  This prevents that!! Plus, it speeds up the drying process. 

The students will build their pot up toward the top (depending on how much clay you provide them. You may have some students make "cookies" and stack them.  

You can tape the bottom of the terracotta pot to keep this from happening, but if you catch it the next day...it is super easy to cut off with a clay tool!

POOF! GONE! ha ha  This is also a great time to knock down any sharp edges the pot might have around the lip.

Carve the student's name into the bottom while the clay is still leather hard(next morning). 

You could use a sharpened pencil, but I love this handy dandy nut picker thingie(I have no idea what it is actually called. I just know we used it to get the nut out of the shell growing up! ha ha).


April 09, 2023

Sunday Devo With Mr. E: Famous One

 Ask a young person what they want to be when they grow up, and more than likely they will say ..."FAMOUS".  I often do identity lessons with my students, and this conversion always comes up.  Gone are the days of students wanting to be teachers, fire men (and woman), or police officers.  They now say, "I'm going to be a YouTuber, TikTok'er, Gamer...etc." Their desire is to be known...to be famous. 

Did Andy Warhol see into the future with this quote about being "famous".  Our society has an obsession with fame.  People will do anything & everything to get their "fifteen minutes". Fame was once reserved for those who had amazing skill or ability within a field.   However, now with reality television, YouTube, Tik Tok, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media....fame is at their fingertips(I wonder what Warhol would do with such technology?).  At the root of much of this fame mongering is a deep unmet need to be known.  Fame however is a shallow substitute for truly being known & truly knowing.  That can only come from the Lord.  

Jesus answered,  "I did tell you, but you do not believe.  The works I do in my Father's name testify about me, but you do not believe because you are not my sheep.  My sheep listen to my voice; I know them, and they follow me.  I give them eternal life, and they shall never perish; no one will snatch them out of my hand.
John 10: 25-28

Fame is temporary: our own(if we ever achieve such) OR the fame of those we look up to/ follow.  However, there is one that is not temporary.  He is I AM.  He WAS...He IS...and He WILL BE.  He is The Famous One!  If we know His voice & we follow Him....we will possess something more precious than fame.  Our name will be written in the Book of Life.  So much better than our name in lights (or "Trending")!  And the idea that HE KNOWS US!!!  The Lord of heaven & earth...the creator of all things....HE KNOWS OUR NAME IF WE ARE HIS!  Fame they say...changes people. 
A personal relationship with the Lord changes people too.  Being known...and knowing Him.  The world can not match it....15 minutes of fame can not compare.  

Love this song by Chris Tomlin!!! 

by Chris Tomlin 

You are the Lord
The famous One, famous One
Great is Your Name in all the earth
The heavens declare You're glorious, glorious
Great is Your fame beyond the earth
And for all You've done and yet to do
With every breath I'm praising You
Desire of nations and every heart
You alone are God, You alone are God
The morning star is shining through
And every eye is watching You
Revealed by nature and miracles
You are beautiful, You are beautiful

April 04, 2023

WEAVING: Specialty String

 While doing tapestry type weavings with 4th grade, I have students use five colors within their "color story".  After adding their five colors, they are allowed to add a "specialty string" into the mix.  They are allowed to use it 3x within their weaving.  I tell them if you use it more...it isn't really "special".  

What is specialty string?  I have a pretty big variety that I've obtained over the years. I found some of it at Dollar Tree & Big Lots for a very good price.  I found some of it in the clearance section at craft stores.  I Keep my eyes open for things that are fun/different, and that I think my students could successfully weave.  Let me give you all a tip...DO NOT GET POM POM YARN!!!!!  Imagine a bunch of little pom-poms going through the warp strings!! UGH!  Trust me...it is a headache and totally not worth it.  Here is a look at the top of my specialty string box, and some weaving examples from years past (we aren't to that point yet this year...just started them!). 

April 03, 2023


I honestly thought we had an art show since the pandemic, but after looking through my blog, social media, and my phone/iPad....I guess not?!?  Art shows are a lot of work. If you have not organized an all school art show before....you have to be organized!  You have to have a plan. You have to have caffeine! HA HA!  I do a thematic art show.  You can search my blog and find all the ones from year's past.  I really loved this year's theme...TGE PET SHOP! I start doing projects related to the theme as soon as we get back from Christmas Break.  There are a lot of absences due to illness during this time...and we often add a lot of new students as well.  I try to have at least 4 projects that are within the theme of the art show so students have choices to select from.  If you have questions...please message me or hit me up on social media.  I'd be happy to share my experiences.