March 30, 2012

An Art Gang Birthday Party

Tonight we had a birthday party for Janet (Ms. Malone from ).  She wanted to have an art making party (and everyone's signature party food).  This was not just the "Art Gang", but our spouses & kiddos too!  She wanted everyone to participate.....and they did!!!!  We really had a great time(well..maybe not will see him with his "Aunt" Janet...not really into it).  Janet brought the canvas & paints/supplies.  Everyone was encouraged to bring their own supplies too.  I'll try to get a better picture after it dries & I can prop it up in better lighting!!!  What a wonderful way to kick off our spring break!!!  

March 28, 2012

Kindergarten Collage Cats

I feel as if I've not done nearly as much collage as I usually do with Kindergarten.  So this project was a followup to our Picasso Cats we created the previous week in marker.  We already had a great working knowledge of the shapes involved in creating a was just a matter of translating that into collage.  Not always an easy transition for Kindergarten, but I feel like they did a pretty good job.  I have to give credit to the classroom teachers for really working on scissor skills in their rooms, because it truly made my job so much easier!!

March 27, 2012

Weaving Beginnings: 4th Grade

 I never had a weaving class or any experience with weaving until my first year of teaching.  It is now my favorite project of all times.  I LOVE WEAVING!  My 4th graders have been working on these for 2 class times now.  I am planning on giving them 2 more class times to complete their weavings.  Link to weaving tips can be found here ->

March 26, 2012


After "Flat Mr. E's" adventures at NAEA NYC...the generosity of Phyl for haulin' my picture around to take photos...all the teachers that posed with "me"....ya gotta realize art educators are just good people!!  THEN..out of no where...I received a package in the mail from NJ.  ??WHAT??  I wasn't expecting anything?!?!!?  Renee Collins from My Adventures in Positive Space sent me a package of goodies from conference!!!!!!  I've never met Renee in person...just one of my bloggie buddies here in cyber world.  I just think this testifies to the amazing community of people we have connected with in art ed blogging! I was so encouraged by Renee's act of kindness!!!!!  

If you don't know her blog....take a moment and visit it today!!!!

March 22, 2012

Create Something!

There is a challenge going around the web for create! Shouldn't be hard right?? art teachers you are aware that sometimes it is challenging to continue creating your own work with all the demands of what we do.  So here is the challenge....

FIRST:  I will create something for the first THREE people to comment on this post....who say they would like to participate in the challenge(who are not already participating through another blog/post).

SECOND:  If you say you would like to must issue the challenge somewhere(blog/facebook/twitter..etc) & personally make SOMETHING in 2012 (sooner than later so ya don't forget) for three poeple who will pledge to make something for three more people!

THIRD:  If you are one of the first three to respond to this challenge & say you will participate...send me your mailing address in an e-mail so I can send you your creation when I am finished with it!!  
(my e-mail is in the contact section of my blog)

TGE Teacher Art Night

The teachers wanted to do flowers again...some had missed the tulips night...others missed the sunflowers we just did whatever flower they wanted kind of night.  The variety was AMAZING!  I had a Power Point with many examples, and was there to help anyone that needed it.  I "charged" $2 to cover the cost of canvas(it was 2 for $3.99 at Hobby Lobby 8x10).  

Everyone was working so hard, and many taking risks now that this was their 3rd time painting & they were gaining some confidence in their painting!