January 04, 2019

Professional Development in Crossville, TN

For my last full day of Christmas Break I drove to Crossville,TN (hour & a half drive) to lead a professional development for their district's art teachers(It is a small district with 2 high schools & 8 Pre-K-8th).  They wanted to focus mainly on the new state standards & how they would "work" in the teacher evaluation portfolio. I also through in a studio project...because art teachers NEED the opportunity to make something! ha ha  It was a good day.  We went standard by standard looking at how or if a standard would be used in the portfolio, and what projects could best show such a standard.  My hope is that they felt heard, understood, and better equipped after our time together(and that they had a little fun along the way!). 

So I introduced the teachers to SmartFab...which I use for my stuffed critters.  I also showed them how I teach circle weaving...some got to it...some did not(they really loved making their soft sculptures).  

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