January 29, 2019

Black Glue Debacle

I haven't done black glue line projects in forever! I love the look, but always struggled with the glue bottles I used clogging up(I used regular glue bottles and just mixed up the paint and glue and poured it in!).  I found some bakery bottles at Dollar General the other day, and thought they might work really well for this project. They were $1.50 for two 4oz bottles.

So this morning I was excited to mix up a batch and give it a try.  I decided to use donated glue(Washable) & donated black tempera paint(Washable).  I really need to learn to do a test/sample first?!?!  I mixed up a huge cup of the mixture and poured it into the bottles I purchased.

I'm a hot mess when it comes to pouring stuff?!?!??! 

 I drew out a turtle, and traced him out.  Now I will say the glue does squeeze out generously from these bottles, but that was not the real issue.  The glue mixture seemed extremely "wet".  It started blobbing out from the initial line I drew.

When I picked it up( TRYING to keep it flat)...the black glue mixture ran.

So I mixed up enough for one bottle using REAL Elmer's glue(except no substitutes) & a good brand of black tempera paint(not washable!!!).  You can see the difference!!!  I picked up the one on the left and moved it...and it did not run at all.  So...LESSON LEARNED!!!! Use the good stuff...because you almost always will get what you paid for!! 

(Now I have to go empty the other 7 bottles and make a new batch!!!) 

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