January 09, 2019

Changing Things Up!

Nine years ago my PTO purchased the 2 station tables( 2ft x 4ft) for my classroom. I had round tables previously, and was very limited about how I could set up my classroom.  Plus, those tables were old, and had been welded, re bolted, glued, and who knows else what to keep them from falling apart.  

At a previous school I had these 2 station tables & LOVED them.  I really loved being able to set my classroom up in a horseshoe/U formation.  Even though I wanted the versatility of these tables...I knew I'd probably stay with the horseshoe layout.

This year we've had some challenges with one of our grade levels.  All the special areas have been struggling.  I've been at a loss of what I can do to help the situation.  I decided I'd try changing the layout of my classroom to see if that might fix a few of the issues.  The horseshoe worked wonderfully for a majority of my students, but this group of kids can not handle facing all of their classmates...they just don't have the self control.  I decided to do groups of two.  This would allow me to separate students out from each other, have "buffer" students between groups that struggle, and have them turned in opposite directions.  I am hoping this will help create a better environment for these students to be successful.

These are my kindergarten students...
they are not the ones who prompted this change.

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