January 22, 2019

Fairy Door Prints

My upcoming K-4th art show is going to be called Secret Garden.  It will be all things flowers, bugs, gnomes, and fairies.  I decided to try an incised plate print with 1st grade creating fairy doors.  We looked at a ton of examples, and the students were excited to create their own.  Here are my teacher examples.  I will post student work in the near future.  The plan is to add in a little color using colored pencil and to cut them out.

After looking at the examples of Fairy Doors, I had the students do a quick sketch to work out their idea for their door.
They recreated their incised plate next. 
They used brown Crayola marker to cover the door.
  I encouraged them to color in a vertical direction to mimic the boards on the door.

I had students dab their paper with a moist towel before printing their plate. 
They reapplied the marker before printing their second image.

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