January 24, 2019

Gnome Landscapes: 4th Grade

This is another project possibility for my spring all school art show (we create several pictures within a theme using different media/techniques & then the students select their favorite work out of those works).  This project took two class times for students to complete.  The first day they drew the toadstools & ground, and then they colored their pictures using watercolor pencils.  I demonstrated coloring with watercolor pencils and showed them how they mix once painted.  On the second day, students finished up coloring their work, and then painted the pictures.  After finishing that....the students created gnome versions of themselves to add into their pictures.  They used colored pencils for this part of the project.  I'm really enjoying the results!

This gnome looks very grumpy....so cute! 

She said her gnome was grass surfing! ha ha 

This one didn't finish the gnome yet...but loved the background!

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