December 27, 2021


I was so sad to hear about the recent passing of Wayne Thiebaud. (Dec 25, 101yrs old).  What and amazing legacy he left in the art world.  This post is originally from May 2014 as part of my Mr.E Asks 3 series.  I thought we'd revisit this post as a way to honor this wonderful human & gift to the art world!  May we remember his "sweet" impact on the art world! 

When I started thinking about people I'd like to interview...Mr. Thiebaud was at the top of my list!!  Though I really enjoy his older pieces...pies, cakes, candies, and such....I LOVE his landscape paintings!   He is a living legend!!!!
However...I figured I'd probably not get a response.
Here was the first reply.
"Mr. Thiebaud does not use a computer. However, I can relay the questions to him. There is no guarantee that he will respond. He is inundated with requests on a daily basis. At the age of 93 (94 in November), he does not "work" too much on tasks outside of those in his own studio and at his home. But, it is worth a shot."
I hope you enjoy the mini-interview with Mr. Wayne Thiebaud.  Oh..and I know it is Mr. E Asks 3, but I couldn't stop with just 3! ha ha ha 

1) Did you have art classes in elementary, middle, and/or high school? If so, how much of an impact did it have on you?

" I do recall several "art" classes in elementary schools in southern California. Mostly very general drawing projects and classroom group mural works.  High school provided more specific opportunities. Classes in drawing and watercolor taught by a woman who had been instructed by an experienced person   Long Beach Polytechnic High School housed a major auditorium attended by the civic public for “major” events. The stage manager and technician instructed us in the designing and building and painting of sets in a professional manner."

2) What was your family/friends response to your desire to be an artist?
 " Very Supportive."

3) What words of encouragement/inspiration do you have for those desiring to pursue a life of art?

"Obtain as much professional formal instruction as possible and work very hard."
4) What is your motivation to continue creating art?
"Love of and long looking at fine works of art."

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