December 07, 2021

Artist Self Care

 Self-care looks different for everybody. Sometimes I forget that this simple act of painting helps heal/clear my artist soul. We get so busy. We think we don't have time for a grandiose work. We don't have time to invest in a piece that will change minds, ignite fires within, or challenge social issues. You know what. We don't have to do that all the time. "Good Art" meets the needs of the artist before it can ever touch the heart of the viewers. If it is just a sketch, a small painting, a clay pot...whatever you it! If it leads to something FABULOUS...awesome. If it meets you where you are at....that is most important!

School has been a challenge this year(past couple years), and I needed some "therapy". Made these little cards last night...and it felt good!!

What does self care look like for you?

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