March 18, 2016

The Dots Final Form: SPRING

If you have been trekkin' along with me this may have seen my 1st day of art painting project morph. It went from a beautiful hanging Wall of Dots.... to Fall Winter Mittens & Hats.  Now it has arrived at its final state of being....Spring Flowers!  

The students, teachers, and parents have all commented how much they've loved seeing this project progress through the year, and have been wondering how I'm going to top it next year. 
?!?!?!TOP IT?!?!?!!?  
I'm not sure if I can "Top It".  I have some fun ideas floating around in this crazy brain of mine, but I do not see it as topping what I've done in the past.  Each year is different...each project has its own life...and it all should be appreciated in that time & in that place.  I hope none of you place such pressure on yourself.  Yes, you want to bring new life & energy to your program, but don't view it in light of having to "Top" the year before.  Let each year be its very best...because you are being your very best.

If you're new here...or missed my past posts about The ya go!

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