March 30, 2016


Before Christmas I received an e-mail from someone inquiring if I did art consulting.  I had never done such a thing formally, but found the idea interesting enough to pursue it.  The person reaching out to me was with a Christian Publishing Company here in Nashville, and had been following my blog for some time.  She wanted me to come in & lead a workshop with the editors of their elementary curriculum to help inspire/give new ideas for their Sunday School material & VBS.  

They sent me a copy of their winter curriculum to allow me to see what they were presently doing for "art projects".  This gave me direction on things I could share with them to maybe bump it up a little, but still be appropriate for a Sunday School class room & time frame.  

I came into a very formal business meeting type space...but it was soon full of laughter & bright colors!

They loved the tie dying with sharpies & rubbing alcohol!!!

Styrofoam Print Making w/ Marker

Crayon & Tissue Paper


Illustrated Text W/ Different Watercolor Techniques

We also did Model Magic, Shrinky Dink Type Stuff, Construction Paper Crayons...and a whole lot more!  They loved it, and said they wished they could do it more often!! Maybe they'll have me back?!?!  :) Lets Hope!!! 


  1. What a privilege! To give inspiration, direction, and clarity to what a quality art experience can be. Especially to curriculum that is usually a coloring page or crafty.

    1. really was!! I grew up in that denomination...and my little country church did a bang up job of teaching me God's Word!! That little church closed a month ago...with only 7 members left(it was only 25 when I was there). It kind of felt like a full circle moment for me being able to help give guidance to those responsible for the curriculum that will guide a new generation!!!

  2. One of my favorite tie-dye projects uses baby wipes and Mr. Sketch watercolor markers. The Mr. Sketch markers will write on a wet surface so you can color on the baby wipes. Since the baby wipes are already wet the ink spreads. Littles may need help with the folding and elastic bands but older kids can do it themselves. The wipes will need to dry overnight so I usually put out a piece of butcher paper with everyone's name on it and they just put their wipe tie-dye on top of their name. The only thing about this project that stinks is the combo of ink and wipes will stain your fingers for the next 24 hours. It's one of those things that wears off with time. Most of the kids don't mind at all though!