March 16, 2016

SNAP A SELFIE: #naea16 delegates

Hey #naea16 Delegates!!!!
If you received your Goo-Goo Treats from TnAEA...can you do me a favor?

Will you snap a selfie with your Goo-Goo Monster book mark that was attached to your Goo-Goo Cluster?  My students created those for you.  I shared with them that they were going to Art Education Leaders from all over the United States!!  They were very excited that such important people would be receiving their art work.  I would love to show them pictures of you with your Goo-Goo Monster...and let them know where you are from!!  

You can tag me on Twitter ( @ArtWithMrE ) , e-mail me the picture ( ) , or post it on my facebook page ( )


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