June 20, 2013

With God, Cardboard, & Duct Tape....

With God, Cardboard, & Duct Tape...I CAN DO ALL THINGS!!! ha ha ha
I can make things look pretty, but when it comes to anything beyond that...you might need to call someone else?!?!  HOWEVER...I made the trees stand up! :) ha ha  I used cardboard & duct tape...and it worked.  I had created a more complicated version with foam, but that would have taken forever to do!!
Now I'm just praying they don't fall over during VBS!! ha ha


  1. Ha ha. You crack me up. You are great for making those for your church. They look nice!

  2. You forgot to add hot glue to that list of things you can do with God-HAHA. Great job! I like your trees!