June 25, 2013


WHAT A GREAT TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!
If you did not attend the AOE Online Conference...you need to the next time it is offered!
Great conversations, amazing content...and Ridiculously Relevant!!!!!!

I wish that the talks could have been longer than 10 minutes!!!!  Some of the presenters I think I could listen to all day!!!   A big plus to attending the online conference..we'll have access to the talks & the handouts for the next year!  Some were so chalked full of information...I will need to rewatch them over and over to pull out all of the practical information provided.  

I had a part in the conference as well...and it really was a lot of fun to do.  Recording the video was a little stressful.  I'm such a people person...I really feed off of reactions/comments/questions.  So talking to a camera was a new challenge.  

Any of you who were "there"...and are interested in discussing more about hosting a student teachers...please feel free to comment or e-mail me!  I know I kind of just grazed over things to keep in the time frame!  So lets keep the dialog open...and know I'm here if ya wanna chat!!!


  1. Nice job today, I thought you did really well and you had great information, even in the small amount of time!

  2. I usually get one student teacher in the spring, I love your binder idea, I would love to see what you have in there. And yes, I always google me student teachers.
    My music teachers student teacher from this spring just got hired to the school where my last years student teacher now teaches...keeping our connections going. We plan to write a dual grant with then next year.
    You did a great job yesterday, it was such an awesome experience, the day flew by so fast. I found another teacher from my district in the chat and we are meeting up next week to discuss it all.
    Have a great summer
    Karen E