June 16, 2013

The Art of Fatherhood

Me & My Babies!
Fatherhood is like art.....
You might get messy along the way, but you will have something beautiful & meaningful in the end.

Fatherhood is like abstract art...
Knowing the rules...but making the choice to break them!(Why dads are more fun than moms!!)

Fatherhood is like surrealism...
Looking at a mini-you looking back at you...and wondering if you can raise yourself?!?
(Yep..sounds like a Dali!)

Fatherhood is like folk art...
No training..make it up as you go & use whatever you have on hand!!!!

Fatherhood is like watercolor painting...
You can't erase the mistakes, but happy accidents along the way bring about amazing character.

Fatherhood is like cave art...
A little rough/crude...but you get the job done the best way you know how!!!

Fatherhood is like dadaism...
Repurposing  items not thought of by mama! (plastic bags make great shoes in a pinch!)

Fatherhood is like fauvism...
Sometimes the loudest one gets the attention!!!(usually the crying child...though I've tried!)

Fatherhood is like expressionism...
Nothing messes with your emotions & makes you seek out the spiritual like
 sleepless nights of a crying babies!!!

Fatherhood is like a good canvas...
Sometimes you have to be stretched beyond what you think is possible before
your full potential can be reached!

Fatherhood is like good art...
It reflects the point of view of the Father/Artist!

HAPPY FATHER'S DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Very clever...Happy Fathers Day to you! (From a mom)

  2. Love it, made me smile! Hope you had a wonderful Father's day!

  3. Love it!! Happy (belated) Fathers Day and happy summer! Enjoy those sweet babies, so darn cute!

  4. Just "met" you online today at the AOE conference. Came to check out your blog, found this post, and just want to tell you that it made me smile!

    1. :) Glad you stopped by!!!!! Comment any time!!!