November 25, 2011


Greetings my bloggie friends!! I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving(those of you in the US), and that you survived Black Friday.  This picture(a dramatization of how tired I was) was taken upon my return from Black Friday shopping.  I never do this(once before in all my years..but it was nothing like this).  I got in line at Belk at 12:30ish in the am...for its 3am opening.  I love my wife that much!!!! :) ha ha  I had the paper with all the items she circled. was worth it.  The savings was AMAZING.  After that I went to several other locations.  My personal fav. place I went to this crazy shopping day.... JO-ANN'S!!!!!!!!!  

If you didn't go today..don't worry...sales there are going on till Sunday!!!!

I got a 3 pack of pre-stretched 2 ft. square canvas that normally runs $34... 60% off...and then another 25% at the register with a coupon!!!  Gotta love that!!   Now to find the time to do something with them?!? 


  1. You are a crazy person!!! I don't care HOW big the savings are - I will go nowhere near any stores (other than necessary grocery) this whole weekend. We spend our Thanksgiving day and morning/early afternoon the next day sequestered in the Adirondacks, away from stores, TV, Internet, etc. It's all about food and family; or should I say family, food, and fun. Late night Scrabble and pie and Aftershock was better than wrestling with parking lots and cash registers.

    Never heard of Belk. What kind of store is it?

  2. Belk is kind of like a Kohl's...I think you all have them up there. We had our family down Wed. night and they were all gone by my midnight adventure!!

  3. I admire your energy to hit stores at that hour. I was talking with a friend last night who also braved the sale at Target with her daughter. She had cleared the kitchen and tidied up and off they went to buy some item for 50% off. She said the store was really organized with one-way aisles and people directing shopper traffic to make checking out easier. "Amazing," I say. But then, I am one of those people who, once I am in for the evening could only be pried out of the house if a friend or family member had a medical emergency and needed me to drive them to a doctor!! Can't think of another reason I would venture out at midnight!! However, I do appreciate your bravery:))