May 26, 2011

More Weaving - 4th

Here are the rest of the student examples I promised you!
 How do you do weaving with your students?


  1. I LOVE these!!!! Lately my kids have done paper weaving and hula hoop weaving. But i am always looking for more kid friendly weaving ideas!

  2. When I do weaving such as this, I prepare the loom in a way that puts string on the back. The string loops similar to your circular loom. WHen it comes time to weave, the over/under (AB pattern) just continues when you flip the cardboard loom over. Of course, it is crucial to have an odd number of strings on one side.

    With a continuous pattern that wraps all the way around, you are able to make several more functional items. Most students use old stuffing from a pillowcase to make tiny pillows (they have to sew the pillow closed). Others put beans or rice in a plastic baggie to make a hacky sack/bean bag. Or they can just leave the weaving alone and use it as a pouch, perhaps with a strap.