August 22, 2008

My Buzzing Little Kinderbabies!!

Kindergarten is an amazing grade to teach! Of course I can say this because I only see them for one hour a day!! ha ha At the beginning of each school year, I always forget how tiring they are though!! A million questions(most having nothing to do what you are teaching or doing at the time!!), not knowing how to get along with a classroom of other children, not having much experience drawing, coloring, or painting(and being asked to do it every time they come to my room!!!), not knowing the rules that they now must follow, and not realizing that they aren't the center of the universe anymore...but a planet in the midst of other planets...all equally important! They come to us babies....and we see them grow so much over the coarse of the year! The transformation is unreal & so exciting as a teacher. I wanted to show you some of the work I'm seeing so far this year...PRETTY AMAZING!!!!!!

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