August 18, 2008


Did someone say ART SUPPLIES?!?!?! Dr. Ed & those at Total Body Health Care who participated in the Annual Art Supply Drive AMAZE US!!!!! Julie(aka Ms. O'Brien) & I(aka Mr. E) feel so fortunate to receive this out pouring of support in the form of supplies for our students! Do you realize that because of these donations...I have not had to buy crayons or glue in the past three years!! I've been able to replace my old, dull, & rusting scissors!! As well, the construction paper, colored pencils, tempera paint, paper plates, markers, and other craft supplies that have come in allow me to spend less of my limited budget on the basics! I(well really..we..I think I can speak for Ms. O'Brien) can not begin to say THANK YOU enough for your generosity. Dr. Ed, THANK YOU for CARING about our KIDS, THE ARTS...and US!!! To all of you who brought in supplies....THANK YOU FOR CARING...THANK YOU FOR SHARING! Know that you have made a difference.

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