April 29, 2021

More Beautiful Circle Weavings!

 I have been so incredibly impressed by my 3rd graders this year!! Their circle weavings have been AMAZING!!!  Here are a handful that finished their backgrounds completely.  There are so many ways that you can "finish" the background/looms for circle weavings.  I like having my students create patterns in the background and color them (using marker) with the colors they used in their weaving.  I do this after they are done weaving...because you never know how big they will be, and I'd hate for students to work extremely hard on the background and then cover it up with the weaving.  This method has "morphed" over the years.  I was first introduced to this project 24 yrs ago when it was a part of the first curriculum we used in Metro Nashville Public Schools.  It has changed for the better over the years, and is one of my favorite lessons.  

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