April 19, 2021

Art With Mr. E 6th Annual Summer Workshop

 Please forgive the late notice, there were many details that had to fall into place for this summer's workshop.  We will be returning to Cumberland University's Fine Arts Building this summer (We were there last summer for our modified one day summer workshop!!). 

We have a great group of teachers every summer that love to laugh, learn, and share!  We've had teachers from 7 different states, 5 area counties, and Pre-K - 12 attend!  We go through a ton of projects during our time that can be modified up or down depending on what grade level you teach.  At the end I'll give you a certificate for 18 hours of professional development, but you will need to be responsible to see if your school district will accept it or not.  The cost is $125.  E-mail me if you would like to sign up!  We try to keep our numbers no more than 20 educators so we can get to know one another.

  [We will be abiding by Cumberland's Covid protocol/policies as part of being allowed to use their space.  More information on that when you request a form to sign up!]

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