February 16, 2013

Not Your Average Dad!

Dad + Art Teacher = Not The Normal Honey-Do List
I made 20 of these. 
Bet most dads don't have to do such things?!!?!?  

My daughter is turning 4 in a few weeks & LOVES TANGLED!!!!!  

So we'll be having a Garden/Tangled Birthday Party this year.  Last year was just a general Princess Party.
If you were following my blog then...you may remember the cake pictures!?!?!?!
If you want a good laugh..go to this link!! ha ha  


  1. So are you doing a castle tower cake this year? You can hang a frosting braid out the window and won't have to destroy an actual doll to do it!

    Meanwhile, why did you make all those 20 collages? I think I would have pre-cut the parts and put them in ziplocs, and then have the girls assemble them step-by-step. I know how important it is to keep kids busy at a birthday party! Twenty kids, wow!!

    1. Phyl...those are the invitations...have to mail them out. And not all for the kids...grandparents getting themand keeping one for scrap book. Expecting 12 or so kids.

  2. yes the barbie cake, from last year. My wife did that way back for our daughter too. She put the candles on the fron of her dress and almost caused a fire when Barbies hair started to burn. She was bent over backwards as the candles were burning, very funny memory.