October 16, 2012

Tissue Paper Stained Leaves: Kindergarten

These are not earth shattering, but I loved the colors that were created by the tissue paper!  


  1. Did you see Avatar, Ted? The colors of your Kinder's tissue paper leaves remind me of the beautiful colors in that movie!


  2. Beautiful result, would be wonderful for any number of applications, I cannot get bleeding tissue paper anywhere!! I think I might have to get some sent from the US via ebay.

  3. What kind of tissue paper did you use? I bought some bleeding tissue paper at an art store last year, but it didn't work very well.

  4. @Jessica ...hate to say I don't know?!?!! I always take it out of its packaging when I get it. I know I ordered it from school specialty..and I look specifically NOT to say colorfast.

  5. Hi Mr. E.,

    What brand of tissue paper did you use? My district carries tissue but it's color-fast and won't bleed. I'll have to go buy some.


  6. I am trying to puzzle out HOW you did this. Did you simply lay the tissue paper over their drawing and let them paint it with water to release the stain? I work with Pre-Schoolers, this looks achievable!